Performance Floor: Introducing the Duofloor

October 12, 2017

Many studios perform outside of their building at community theaters, school auditoriums and other similar venues for end of year concerts, holiday performances and other special events.

Ideally, the stage the dancers are using will be level, well maintained and in overall “good condition”. However, this isn’t always the case. Many studios seek a floor that they can transport with them to whatever venue they’re performing at, thus, ensuring a safe performance area for their dancers.

EFS designed our portable, reversible Duofloor for this purpose. The Duofloor is lightweight and stores easily. In addition, it truly is a “multi-purpose” performance surface accommodating all styles of dance including percussive and non-percussive styles.

White Duofloor installedHowever, Duofloor is not only a performance floor. There is a flexibility in color whether you choose the Black/Grey or Black/White version. Many studio owners would love for their dancers to perform on the same surface they rehearse on. Studios can use the Grey side at the studio then roll it up and use the Black side at performance venues, or visa-versa.

This flexibility also comes into play when a performance floor is truly needed, but budget concerns don’t allow for a “studio” surface and “performance” surface.

We specifically manufacture the Black/Grey Duofloor in rolls to be as accommodating as possible not only for studio use, but also for theatres. With one Full roll of Black/Grey Duofloor at 91’ x 6.5’ you can cut 2 rolls at 45.5’ long or 3 rolls just over 30’ long.

Request a sample of Duofloor and elevate your performances to the next level!