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A High Performance, Portable Sprung Flooring System!

EFS Portable Sprung Floor is an area elastic sprung floor where the boards are installed on top of a shock absorption foam. It can be installed on an even, sound and self supporting subfloor or an existing floor giving a finished floor height of 29mm. It has been tested in accordance to the demands of EN14904 and EFS Portable Sprung Floor meets the requirements of all five test elements and achieves the highest Type A4 classification. Wood finishes available are oak, maple, ash, and beech.

Our unique locking technology ensures a fast and secure installation due to the use of a flexible profile in the short end joint of the board. When pressing the board down into position the flexible profile locks into place in a single movement with a positive click. The 5G technology used is the most advanced type of vertical locking system on the market.

No special tools or glue are necessary when laying EFS Portable Sprung Floor. This enhances fast installation and allows for temporary and flexible use. EFS Portable Sprung Floor can easily be dismantled again.

TEST RESULTS EN14904 Standard EFS Portable Sprung Floor
Shock Absorption Min: 25% – Max: 75% 61%
Resilience Max: 5mm 3.8mm
Surface Friction Min: 80 – Max: 110 86
Ball Rebound ≥ 90% 95%
Surface Stability Pass/Fail Pass
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