• Our resilient spring pads are made from SBR Recycled Rubber, making them at once tough, resilient, and environmentally friendly ideal for aerobic floors. These shock-absorbing pads are the perfect resilient component for sprung floor systems (also referred to as floating floors or dance sub floors), and our pads are fatigue reducing, preventing injuries as well as providing support and “spring” for great danceability.
  • Resilience is consistent year after year, showing no ill effects due to weather. EFS offers our pads in two sizes, 1/2″ (12mm) and 1″(25mm) thick. EFS 1/2″ spring pads are designed for aerobic floors and other athletic “court” type floors. EFS 1″ Spring Pads are designed for dance floor systems. EFS offers guidance building a sprung floor to our specifications as well as consultation for other sprung floor plans requiring resilient pads.
Test ASTM SBR Rubber
Density D3676 45 lb/ft3
Thickness D3676 1/2″ (12mm)
1″ (25mm)
Weight per sq. yd.    1/2″ 17 lb/sq yd
34 lb/sq yd
Tensile strength D412 100 lb/in.2 minimum
Flexibility F137 Pass 1/4″ mandrel
Thermal Conductivity C518 0.406 BTU • in/hr • ft2 • °F
R-Factor     1/2″ (12mm) 1.2
1″ (25mm)
Compression Resistance D3676 30% maximum
Constant Deflection
Compression Set
D395 40% maximum