• Mezzafloor is the inexpensive multipurpose dance flooring from Entertainment Flooring Systems for studios and stages.
  • Mezzafloor is heavy-duty contract quality vinyl designed for permanent and semi-permanent installations.
  • Mezzafloor provides the appropriate controlled slip for most dance styles including ballroom, character, flamenco, folk, hip hop, Irish, jazz, modern and tap.
  • Mezzafloor is extremely durable and designed to take many years of abuse from dance styles such as tap or flamenco.
  • Mezzafloor is available in 20 marbled colors (marbleizing not only provides an interesting pattern, it helps camouflage scuff marks) as well as solid Black.

Matte Black

m 86
Dark Marble Grey

m 85
Marble Grey

m 90
Sand Storm

m 91
Coffee & Cream

m 84
Light Marble Grey

m 83
White Marble

m 88

m 89
Vanilla Swirl

m 92
Tuscan Pink Marble

m 93

m 94
Sea Foam

m 95

m 96

m 98
Blue Mediterranean

m 97
Monsoon Blue

Color availability: Please note, the colors typically in stock are Matte Black and Dark Marble Grey.

Length: 20m = 65′ 7-1/4″
Width: 2m = 6′ 6-3/4″
Thickness: 2mm = .07874″ = 78.74 mils
Colors: Matte Black or Dark Marble Grey
(wide variety of additional marbled colors also available)
Weight / linear foot: 4.89 lbs.= 2.22 kilos
Weight / full roll: 320 lbs. = 145.15 kilos
Floor speed rating: Medium Fast