duofloor sDuofloor is an extremely durable and versatile dance floor that is an excellent choice for many types of dance. This lightweight floor will accommodate both percussive and non-percussive styles. It is also great for touring or use on stage that needs to be moved.

mezzafloor sMezzafloor is dance flooring that is both multipurpose and inexpensive. It is made of heavy-duty, contract quality vinyl and can be used in permanent or semi-permanent applications. Mezzafloor has an appropriate controlled slip that is perfect for many dance styles and is available in over 20 colors.

studiofloor sStudiofloor is a multi-purpose floor that is durable enough to stand up to heavy abuse. It can accommodate a wide variety of dance styles and comes with a satin finish wear layer that gives it protection from scuffing and damage.

timberfloor sTimberfloor combines the traditional look of a wood floor with the low maintenance of vinyl. It is suitable for most dance styles and provides excellent slip control without the use of rosin. Timberfloor is available in a wide variety of natural wood styles and colors.

efs sprung s

EFS Sprung floor is an “install it yourself” floor that is D.I.N. certified with a patented resilient foam channel understructure. It can be used for an endless variety of dance styles providing comfort and support for the safety of your performers and instructors at an affordable cost.

sprung hard

An “All In One Hardwood Sprung Flooring System”. This sprung floor system has the advantages of a D.I.N.* Certified sprung floor with your choice of Ash, Oak or Maple hardwood surface.

yoga, ballet, theater flooring

EFS Portable Sprung Floor is an area elastic sprung floor where the boards are installed on top of a shock absorption foam. Installation is quick and easy with the use of its unique locking system.

efs spring pads s 2

EFS Spring Pads are made from SBR Recycled Rubber which is tough, resilient and environmentally friendly. They are an ideal aerobic floor due to their shock-absorbing pads.

stagefloor sm

EFS Stagefloor is made with industrial strength vinyl that is appropriate for almost any venue. It is long lasting, scuff resistant flooring that will hold up to the toughest abuse.

Stage Linoleum smStage Linoleum is  heavy-duty contract quality linoleum that is designed for permanent installations. Not only is it incredibly durable, but it provides good controlled slip for most dance styles.

sports excel sEFS Sports Excel flooring is perfect for low and high impact activities due to its shock absorption, elasticity and stability. It was designed with a special polyurethane coating that makes it extremely durable and maintenance easy.

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Remnants are discounted balances of brand new material measuring 18’ and under.