• Stage Linoleum is Entertainment Flooring System’s durable “Battleship” type linoleum designed for multipurpose spaces and theatre stages.
  • Stage Linoleum is heavy-duty contract quality linoleum that is designed for permanent installations, by a professional floor installer.
  • Stage Linoleum provides good controlled slip for most dance styles including ballroom, character, flamenco, folk, hip hop, Irish, jazz, modern, & tap.
  • Stage Linoleum is extremely durable and designed to take many years of abuse from dance styles such as tap or flamenco. Stage Linoleum can be screwed and drilled into for the purpose of attaching scenery or props. Stage Linoleum may be painted with quality theatrical paints. Screw holes and gauges are easily repaired.

Black 80


Grey 80


Length: 32m = 104.92′
Width: 2m = 6’6-3/4″
Thickness: 2.5mm = .1″ = 100mils
Colors: Matte Black or Grey
Weight / linear foot: 4.00 lbs. = 1.814 kilos
Weight / full roll: 425 lbs. = 192.78 kilos
Floor speed rating: Fast